The advantage of the arduino is that it has standardised the location of all the pins. This means that any shield knows where it needs to connect to in order to connect to a particular pin. So if you want to connect to analog pin3 then there is a specific place on the board where this pin can be expected. Shields are quite expensive and of course i wanted to make some at a more reasonable price. This was especially true of boards which use expensive components such as the wifi shield or the bluetooth shield.
These two boards i specifically set out to design so i could use cheap components. In addition there were some shield which did not exist. I wanted to connect to the NRF24L01 which can best be bought as a small PCB. This requires a lot of connections which of course you can wire up. I designed an arduino shield which has a connector suitable for connecting directly to this small PCB. All these arduino shields you can purchase on the arduino website.
Here are the arduino shields i have experimented with or have an interest in. Over time i will write up the shields mentioned below which do not yet have an article  but unfortunately that might take some time. I have actually experimented with them all and have software that works with neach of them However writing up a nice story is another matter.

My arduino shields

prototype shield
bluetooth shield
wifi shield
NRF24L01plus shield

Arduino shields from other manufacturers

aeroquad shield
usb host shield circuitsonline
canbus shield pang
LCD shield nuelectronics
touchscreen shield nuelectronics
touchscreen shield watterott
lipo charging shield
joystick shield watterott
ethernet shield v1.1
ethernet shield nuelectronics
midi shield
RFID shield
nokia 3310
nokia 6610
GM862 shield
sm5100 GPRS shield
RFID parallax read only
RFID parallax read write

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