This is my prototype shield. You know the iussue. You are developing a small project and dont want a mess of loose wires hanging from your project that inevitably go loose. Now you can use a prototype shield to make the connections more permanent. The board is flexible so you can design as you want and has sufficient space available to make even slightly more complex projects. On my site you can see plenty of examples where i have used this prototype shield for the first experiments with a new project. One example of the use of the prototype shield can be seen here:
The prototype shield has power led and a switchable led and also a reset button and switchable button.
Prototype shields can be used to eealise all sorts of projects. This one uses SMD technology for the LED and the resistor so that more space is available for prototyping.
Below you can see the schematic and board layouts of this shield. Its all rather simple. Of course the layout matches the classic arduino design so that you can use it with all recent arduino models. The prototype shield uses the arduino power so you dont need to make a separate power supply.


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prototype shield                                               prototype shield brd

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