I have started to make a Pick and Place machine that will be able to do SMD mounting of electronic parts.

It will also be able to do 3D printing.

At the moment this is just a memory dump so that i can keep all information in one place. Over time i will add bits and pieces to make the thing complete.

pick and place main

First the list of sources for all the mechanical parts.
M3 x 70    bolt  12.35Euro for 16 needed for Nema17 motor mount for X axis.

Clamp on shaft couplers: You need one to couple the suction head to the rotation motor.


The NEMA17 has a 5mm motor shaft and I used 3/8th the other to fit to the vacuum pipe. (see drawing later on)

One more for spindle to motor.  5mm motor and the spindle I got was 3/8th a so called 10 turn 2 start one (partnr ACME 3/8-10 (2 Start))

I added a .860″ (21.8mm) machined cutdown flange with (2) .173″ (4.4mm) dia holes. This is a anti backlash nut to prevent play when moving the pick and place head back and forward. US$17.50 plus US$2.00 for the flange. The clamp on shaft couplings cost US$13.75 or US$14.75 depending on size.
All these I got from  http://www.dumpstercnc.com/
As an alternative you can use


Nema17 stepper motor i got from ebay at US$6.89 which is OK but shipping is expensive so watch out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180764835312
I also got the stepper driver boards from ebay.  At US$11.00 including a small heatsink is good price shipping is only US$2.00
For fixing some of the wood i used cross dowels which i bought locally  but you can get eg here
The bearings for guiding the timing belts you can get here. Originally i wanted to use 6mm diameter
Ones as below but finally ended up with 4mm ones using 3 together.

I used V groove bearings bought locally. They are ones used for pulley guidance.
Mine were about 4.50Euro each. These ride on the rails. They have 6mm shaft.
You can buy for double the price above. http://buildyourcnc.com/Documents/r2zzbybuildyourcnc.pdf

You also need a solenoid valve in order to switch on and off the vacuum for picking up and releasing the part.
I used a 12V coil for actuation. The last link is the circuit i have used to actuale the solenoid using a TIP102.

This link will help you get the wiring right. The colours matched my NMEA17

This pulleys and timing belt came from the link below at 14.99GBP and 9.99GBP respectively.





Pick and Place videos

Two small videos of what the mechanical construction looks like: video1 and video2

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