The MMA7455 is a 3 axis accelerometer which is rather cheap at 2.15€ at mouser. Looking to buy or find the datasheetLook here.

It has the following features.

• Wide input voltage range
• Digital output (SPI/I2C)
• Selectable sensitivity: 8-bit mode (±2g/±4g/±8g) or 10-bit mode (±8g)
• User-configurable interrupts (INT1/INT2)
• User-settable registers for calibrating each axis
• Low current operation
• Compact, 8-pin DIP breadboard-friendly package: 0.5” x 0.6” (12.7 x 15.2 mm)


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I bought myself a breakout board from parallax as this is a LGA-14 chip which needs to be hot air soldered.
The pin connections can be seen below as can the schematic for this breakout board in case you want to make it for yourself.

The TXS0101DRL is a 1 bit directional voltage level translator  which adapts the 3.3Volt to 5 Volt.
The FAN2500S33X is a voltage regulator for 3.3Volt.
The RB751S40T1 is a shottkey barrier diode.

Connections for the arduino is as follows:

1 – VIN to Arduino 5V
5 – GND, ground to Arduino GND
6 – Chip Select – connect this to 5V with a 1K resistor, this selects I2C mode
7 – Data – connect this to the ATmega’s SDA (data line) on analog input pin 4,
8 – Clock – connect this to ATmega’s SCL (clock line) on analog input pin 5



Here a picture of the setup.


Software for the MMA7455

I have used the arduino library from  this  link
The ouput from this program can be seen below.



Other interesting links concerning the MMA7455.

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