This page is about using other microprocessors than those supported under the standard arduino IDE. With only a few small mods to the arduino IDE you can adapt it to become suiotable to support a whole host of other microprocessors.

The microprocessors that i have experimented with are:


You need to tell the arduino IDE that you are using a different processor. This is done by adding something to the boards.txt file in the arduino directory.

You also need to add the appropriate files in the hardware directory especially the cores directory. For the Attiny85 you can find these files here.  attiny85-tiny cores.zip
When you have downloaded the required files put them into the cores directory bunder the arduino IDE. For the Atmega1284P use the following Atmega1284P cores.zip file from maniacbug.
For the Atmega644p you can find it under the sanguino environment here Atmega644 cores. I installed  sanguino 0023r4 version for which you need to make some additionmal changes for which you can go to the repetier site and download the mods that are needed to the 0023r4 software.  This means adding Arduino.h and wiring.c to the <Installpath>/hardware/Sanguino/cores/arduino directory.
To make the arduino IDE suitable for the Atmega644 microprocessor go to the sanguino.cc site and download the latest version of the firmware. This latest version does not require any additional updates.

You also need to mod the boards.txt file. Just append it with the boards.txt file found on the above link. You can edit the name of the board and also the other parameters so that bit is easy to add other microprocessors if you want.
The fuse settings are mentioned in the boards.txt file but are:
low fuses=0xFF,    high fuses=0xDC,    extended fuses=0xFD

Other interesting microprocessors sites are:


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