Here are the links about DCF77 which contain much information about this time signal. This is the company which takes care of the weather forecast part of the DCF77 signal
Conrad receiver module which i have used
funkemphanger another hardware DCF77 receiver supplier
this link article about improving reception by building a shield to create protection against spurious signals
C-Max supplier of DCF77 components
Thijs Elenbaas The software i have chosen finally.
Funkuhrempfänger, Zeitzeichenempfänger, DCF77, MSF, WWVB, JJY, Funkempfänger, Langwelle, Langwellenempfänger ready made receiver from kundo XT
DCF77 TIME SIGNAL RECEIVER MODULE check ready made DCF77 receiver
DCF77 Simulator DCF simulator is what ist says – DCF77-Signalerzeuger, Zeit, Datum und Wochentag einstellbar another DCF77 simulator.
An active DCF77 antenna masking a DCF77 active antenna including circuit diagram – Software DCF-Generator DCF77 generator online by thomy_pc
Homebrew DCF-77 Transmitter homwbrew DCF77 signal transmitter
DCF77 – Wikipedia is what it says – Software DCF-Receiver V2 – Neu! version 2 of the soiftware from thomy_pc
Arduino DCF77 radio clock receiver – Hardware | This is the standard for  software and the one i have used.
DCF, MSF and WWVB Receiver Modules ready made DCF and MSF receivers
MSF Receiver msf receiver
Electronic circuits,projects and schematics DCF interface – Stego simple article about DCF77 reception
DCF77 MODUL – DCF 77 Empfängermodul bei reichelt elektronik DCF receiver module
DCF receiver board buy now – Conrad Electronic SE SHOP_B2C_GLOBALTOPOFFER Electronics Online Store This is what most peoploe use. I do not consider this to be the best
DCF-Empfangsmodul DCF1 – Bausätze / Module – Module – – Pollin Electronic DCF  receiver module pollin sheets/DAEV6180B1COB_004.pdf another DCF receiver
Ferrite rods | GES-ELECTRONICS ferrite rods by themselves
Fair-Rite Catalog | Antenna/RFID Rods another site with RFID rods
‘duino Lab artivle about an almost accurate clock
‘duino Lab: Decoding WWVB Time Data -> Frame Reject decoding WWVB DCF77 transmitter
Freq standard article about frequency standard around DCF77 advanced DCF77 receiver with 6th order filter
DCF77 Sync Article about DCF77 frequency standard INS Bevoelkerungswarnung Hannovermesse 2008.pdf cuvil defense warning system using DCF77
Arduino DCF77 radio clock receiver – Library | The mother of DCF sites
Arduino Library for Decoding DCF77 Time Signals | another library for DCF77 signal
Zendamateur.COM • Toon onderwerp – DCF77 ontvangen PC based DCF77 receiver – Software DCF-Generator DCF77 generator online by thomy_pc
Homebrew DCF-77 Transmitter homebrew DCF77 signal transmitter
DCF77 – Wikipedia is what it says – Software DCF-Receiver V2 – Neu! version 2 of the software from thomy_pc
MSF Receiver msf receiver
‘duino Lab: Decoding WWVB Time Data -> Frame Reject decoding WWVB DCF77 transmitter INS Bevoelkerungswarnung Hannovermesse 2008.pdf civil defense warning system using DCF77

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