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The CME6005 is a chip capable of decoding the signals from several different time stations. The one relevant for Europe is the DCF77 transmitter at mainflingen Germany transmitting at 77.5kHz. As you can see from my other article on meteotime  i am interested in this and am developing a shield for this. Below is the testcircuit i have built for this. The small board has the same capabilities as the Conrad board but in addition has a LED which blinks when receiving a signal so that setting up is much easier. There is also the possibility to connect two crystals making the board suitable for  the MSF signal transmitting from Rugby in the UK at 60kHz.
Two crystals of 60kHz and 77.5kHz should be used to give this dual band capability. The BAND signal is used to switch between them. I have now tested this successfully and am proceeding with the next step which is to put this circuit onto an arduino shield. Actually this shield will be even more special because it will contain two chips encoding and decoding the meteotime signal. This means you will be able to receive the weather data from the DCF77 transmitter. You will also be able to download weather data from internet and transmit it to one of the many weather stations out there that use the DCF77 signal to get their info.

 CME6005 schematic and layout

cme6005       cme6005brd


Here are some datasheets which are relevant to the CME6005


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