These are all the arduino projects i have been working on and managed to write up. Arduino projects are fun to do and can serve a real purpose. Sometimes they are also completely useless but in all cases they give a thrill when you complete them and they kick into life. This is the reason i do arduino projects.  For each one i have tried to write it up in a way that the reader can replicate each and every project including the required hardware and software. If there is a PCB which has been developed then this will be availabe on the arduino webshop for sale at very reasonable prices. Hope you enjoy my site.

Arduino projects

dcf77 Arduino project to capture the signal from the DCF77 time transmitter in mainflingen Germany.
home-weather-station Decoding the encrypted meteotime weather signal from the DCF77 time signal. This uses a HKW581 chip to serially decode the data. The arduino then further processes the data into human readable output. This is actually a modified DES algorithm and so not at all easy to do.
des Data encryption standard implementation on an arduino.
rfid what can you do with RFID and an arduino. Here some ideas.
arduino-lcd a design for a serial LCD which can be used with an arduino.
pick-and-place Pick and place implementation using an arduino.
nike-adapter How many steps are you running or walking. Use a Nike sensor to capture this info and decode it.
segway-clone arduino projects to make a segway self balancing scooter.
arduino-wii arduino projects to make a drum set connecting to the nintendo wii or to decode the data coming from a classic controller or an arduino nunchuck.
squeezebox Use RFID to operate the logitec squeezebox boom.
gps simple arduino projects to visualize data coming from a venus634X GPS receiver.
microprocessors how to program other microprocessors using the arduino IDE
violet-mirror  reading RFID tags using the violet mirror and the USB host shield.
arduino-24c16 a simple EEPROM extension connected to an arduino.
bluetooth arduino projects to connect an arduino to the real world using bluetooth.
gsm-locator find out where you are using your cellphone.

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