arduino LCD

There is now several articles about an arduino LCD. First there is the serial LCD which is where you can find out about how to make a serial LCD for use with arduino projects.
Then there is the piece of information about how to make customized characters.
Using this you can make animations and special fonts besides just simply being able to design cool characters.
Then there is a story about changing the nuelectronics LCD shield so that you can install modified characters on it. This you can find here.
And finally this is where you can edit your custom characters online using a bit of javascript.
Any arduino lcd project gives you a better feedback and possibilities to make stand alone applications of your arduino projects because rather than needing a serial port which talks to your PC you give the user feedback through the LCD. With traditional arduino lcd shields this was expensive and cost you a whole shield. The serial lcd overcomes this by requiring only three wires to connect. A very simple software then allows you to drive it and get all the benefits described above.

Here you can find my other arduino projects.


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