Milight LED PCB

Milight LED PCB


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Product Description

This is the main print for the Milight LED PCB. You can populate it with WW or CW LED’s or both.
Please note it is ONLY the PCB without any components.
Please note the text on the following page as there are two mistakes on the board which have not been solved.

Actually there are still a couple of mistakes on this PCB. One is that the turn on voltage of the LED’s i used was 3.2-3.4 Volt.
This meant that 4*3.2=12.8 was just OK for the 12Volt power supply but 5*3.2=16Volt was just too much and the LED’s did not switch on.
Means next time i will order 2.2-2.8Volt LED’s. I solved the problem by omitting 4 LED’s from the board and shorting the connection.
Second error was that the silk print did not repeat the counting of part numbers but rather continued the counting meaning that the numbers do not match the schematic.
This is not such a problem is it is not a complex circuit and it is clear where what goes.

milight led pcb modified

The picture above shows clearly the two problems. You can see numbering of the LED’s D80, D79 etc which are above the max from the schematic which is D20.
It also shows how D75, D78,D79 and D80 have been omitted and their connection points connected. This solves the issues with the PCB.