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Milight new protocol

Milight new protocol is used in the new Milight  lightbulbs and controllers. The protocol is different from both the RGBW and CW WW bulbs. There is a still incomplete picture of the Milight new protocol. With incomplete i mean the payload is not yet adapted to the new protocol. I have used this to be able to program the nRF24L01 with the correct syncword etc.

milight new bulbmilight-rgbwwwcw-remotemilight remote

protocol over air nRF24L01

The new lightbulb is 8W and contains RGB and both warm white and cold white leds compared to only one type of white in the old bulbs. It also reacts to more commands from the new remote than the old ones.

Milight bulb new Milight bulb new on

The most righthand picture shows that it is possible to switch on all the LEDs at the same time which is not possible with the 6W RGBW lightbulb.  I still need to reverse engineer this remote. If anyone has done so please let me know.

To control this milight bulb you need all 5 channels to control the RGB but also the CW and WW signals. It was this that i had in mind when designing the controller PCB for the 6W 4 channel milight bulb. This PCB is published on the RF page but this time the few additional components on the backside of the print are needed to control all 5 channels.  Optionally these (exept one 10k resistor) can be left out if you want to use the controller PCB for the 6W RGBW milight bulb. You can see that there are 6 connections for the milight bulb print above. This conform the requirement of the RGB CW and WW milight bulb printed circuit board.